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The cURL Manager: Making cURL on Windows Even Easier

Watch the video in on Vimeo for HD, and then flip through the manual (pdf) for a better idea of how it works!

Here at Confused by Code, I've received several questions from users about how to use cURL as an sftp client. The main problem is that cURL uses an OpenSSH-style known_hosts file for authentication, but most Windows users don't have an easy way to generate or edit such a file. cURL Manager creates all of the files you need in the places cURL looks for them, and gives you a simple graphical interface for editing them. It also lets you generate or re-format SSH keys. And to wrap it all up, it notifies you of upgrades for cURL!


  • Everything from cURL for Windows (curl.exe, documentation, ssl cert bundle, optional development files, etc.)
  • Retrieve sftp host key fingerprints to verify server identify.
  • Add/Remove hosts from OpenSSH known_hosts file.
  • View extra info about known_host entries to more easily delete hosts you don't need.
  • Generate OpenSSH keys.
  • Convert PuTTY keys to OpenSSH keys.
  • Automatic upgrades for cURL.

Requires Windows 7 or higher, .Net Framework 4.0.

cURL Manager 1.0.6, Price $3 (US)
32-bit 64-bit

Notes for Geeks: the cURL Manager was programmed with Visual Basic.Net. And yes, the Webmaster wrote and performed the music in the video. He had a terrible microphone, so he blames his tools for the low quality sound.